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Discussion: Vacuum cleaners > Kirby Vacs
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I am looking into buying a Kirby and that is one reason I signed up for Consumer Reports... disappointed they barely recognize. The only thing I could find was the reliability ratings, which it was ratest at the top of the scale. 

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My husband had a Kirby in the 90's. Two years after the purchase the company called to do a demonstation cleaning...he was feeling lazy and figured he would get a free shampooing out of it so set an appointment. They not only had the same story about how badly his present vacuum was picking up dirt, the demo vacuum was picking up MORE dirt than at the previous demo with his old vacuum. They demonstated to him that their product was not picking up dirt as well as his old vacuum had.... I recently scheduled an appointment not knowing his history with the brand, and their price (which they don't want to tell you over the phone and hate to be pinned down to was $2000, but for you, IF you buy today, only $1500. And I can give you the special family price of only $1000. If you are interested (they do have a new model since the 90's), research other vacuum/ carpet cleaners and their prices, decide your maximum price and write it down before they come, then stick to your price when they try to sell you. And they have all sorts of attachments so research those prices too. I would also be interested in how they rate as I liked their "dry formula"  wet carpet cleaning which left the carpet barely damp, and it dried faster than the usual steam cleaners, but I don't know that it cleaned as deeply...
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I have used nothing but Kirby vacuums since 1974. I am so fortunate to have an honest and reputable dealer. Have had the same dealer since 1974. As for the vacuum there is nothing else on the market that comes close to the cleaning ability and quality of the Kirby. I have worked in a retail store that sells vacuums and does repairs as well. The vacuum manufacturers of today are making "throw away" mostly plastic vacuums. Most of them last only 1 or 2 years and are cost prohibitive to repair. Bagless vacuums do nothing more than throw the dirt back into the air and if you or any family member has allergies they will get worse. My advice is to purchase only a Kirby but "buyer beware" when it comes to the dealer and their sales staff. Unfortunately there are way to many con artist dealers and sales staff that charge way over the MSRP just to make a high commission. Todays MSRP for a Kirby Sentria with the normal attachments and the rug shampoorer is about $1600. Just like the sticker price on a car their price is also negotiable. You should be able to buy a new one for about $900-$1000 (including sales tax). Check with your local BB Bureau for complaints on your local dealer before calling to schedule an in home demo. If they have numerous complaints I would suggest going to to find out if you can purchase from a reputable dealer in your area. There is a slight learning curve to using the Kirby but nothing that the average person could not quickly master. An honest sales person will spend as much time as it takes for you to master the art of changing the head to a hose and wand for bare floor vacuuming and dusting, showing you the proper way to vacuum stairs (if needed) and to use all the attachments you have purchased. There is an old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". That is one reason the basic style of the Kirby has not changed. Since my first Kirby purchase which was used to vacuum in my house and rental properties as well as construction cleanup, I have purchased 4 others. My second one was because I had a new home and wanted a new vacuum that took paper bags. I purchased a third one for my daughter, later on my second one went to my son so I purchased a fourth one (G4) for myself and a fifth one for my second home (G4). I now am going to give my fourth one to my son as his was stolen by a roommate and I will purchase the Sentria for my home. I am a highly satisfied customer. Mrs. George Owen
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The Generation 3 Kirby that has been ably supporting us is starting to falter a bit

We can't decide, repair, or replace? It seems strange to even thing of replacing this Kirby.. but it just doesn't pick up from the hard floors.

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The Kirby I purchased in March 1985 stopped working last month.  Small repairs over the years were being replaced by plastic parts.  I don't know if I'll bring it in for repair again.  It is getting way too heavy for this senior citizen.  Incidently I'll stop working in a few months when I retire.  Maybe it's time for both myself and the Kirby to be retired.

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if you take your kirby to the dealers there is a way to fix it