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Discussion: Small appliances > food dehydrators
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These messages all count as votes in favor of a CR test of home food dehydrators.  It's a very interesting product line, but sales volume remains small.  Assuming that sales volume = reader interest, it gets sidelined by more popular products--food processors, choppers, juicers, etc.  But we're calling this thread to the attention of staffers who work in this area, for their future consideration.

For curiosity, I tried a Google search, which turned up several links that might be of interest (we have no way to judge their accuracy or validity, however).  You'll find, for example, a 2003 article from Mother Earth News on how-to-choose; on how to build your own solar dehydrator; about dehydrators from Target and Walmart; an extensive comparison chart of two brands; and how to use your car as a dehydrator (definitely a possibility where I grew up in the Sacramento Valley!).

And for those of you who subscribed to specifically looking for Ratings of this product (available to subscribers only), you can see in advance which have been Rated by using "Search."  (Not Forum Search, but the Search link on the main content pages, for example, here, top-right). 

In the Search results, look for the word "Ratings."  Try, for example, food dehydrator and blender.  As of today, we have no Ratings for food processors, but we do for blenders.  (Note that "Search" may also refer you to free, general information about shopping for that product.)

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just adding my vote! I'd like to see a review for food dehydrators.
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Me too!
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Add my vote.
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Disappointed that CR does not have anything on dehydrators.  Please consider
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Adding my vote
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looking for dehydrator info


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Isn't it time for ratings now that home growing and preserving is in vogue again?  Please!

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I completely agree!  Homesteader, foodie (don't want chemicals in your food - make your own!), craft lovers... anybody.  Food dehydrator - reviews please!
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Plus one more.
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please review dehydrators, especially stainless steel
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Please, it's been over 6 years now. Please, please, please post some ratings on food dehydrators.