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Discussion: Archives > Where to find tires?
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My original set (195/50) on the Protege5 I replaced at about 25k I think. Most of the tires in that size are oriented towards dry pavement, sporty performance, and won't last too long. I did a quick search on of what they have in 205/50. Many of us "regulars" on this board use that as a starting point for comparisons. We also tend to check Sam's Club, Costco, & Sears.

205/50 is still not the most popular size, so there's not a lot of choice. If I had my Protege5 still, I'd probably still go with the Bridgestone Potenza G009's. They have a pretty high treadwear UTOQ rating for that size (460). They were good in rain, didn't get a chance to try them in snow, and I didn't have them long enough to judge the treadwear. Both Sears and Tire Rack carry the Kumho Ecsta ASX, and a lot of people tend to like that tire, and it is relatively inexpensive. If you want to splurge, the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S would be my pick. I've heard mixed opinons on the BF Goodrich Traction T/A, but they're readily available at a lot of stores, so that's another option.

I have a Mazda3 now. During my ownership of the Protege and the 3, I read and participate in online forums dedicated to those cars, and I always read through the threads related to tires, as well as read opinions left by Tire Rack customers who own these cars. I tend to focus on the opinions of different people who live in an all-season climate and drive similarly to me (conservatively, but like to take corners now & then), so that's how I came upon those picks above.

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Thank you Bill Cook. I was at a local repair stop this morning and looked at what they had. They normally sell Cooper tires. They could order 205 50 R16 tires, but they do not carry the 195 50R16.

I hope you like being called Bill. I cannot comment on my car (mazda 626 1997). It appears to be too old for discussions. I just took it in to have the brake pads changed at 99,000 miles. Its about time. I get good brake mileage because I use the engine on hills. Lots of hills and mountains.