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I am looking for a recommendation on a food sealer or vacuum sealer. I only found 1 report on the subject and it was for sealing zipploc bags and the such. Seems to be a wide range of price from $25 - $200 and similar features... Please help.
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I have both the hand powered (Ziplock) and electric (Food Saver) brands. I like both, for different purposes.

The Ziplock are good for bulk packaging that you intend to open and reseal (i.e. you've frozen blueberries in bulk, not in individual use portions.) I have had trouble with what appears to be a good seal, but which leaks air. To combat this I leave them in my inside freezer for a week or so before putting in long term storage.

The FoodSaver works well, I've never had a seal failure that wasn't obvious at the time I was sealing. The simplest ones work fine, the fancier ones have more features. I got the middle of the line one that will let me stop the vacuum process and seal the bag when I want to -- without this feature soft things (bread) will get squished into a mess. Check out the manufacturer's web site. They frequently run sales -- when I bought mine it's list price on their web site was less than Kohl's was selling it for on sale.

I've had stuff frozen in vacuum packs for a year and still had it good.