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I've moved into a new house, and the refrigerator in it is positioned in a fairly exposed area of the kitchen. It is an Amana 25 and it is loud. The noise drives me nuts, even upstairs, so I'm looking to buy a replacement refrigerator. And my main criteria for the purchase is that it is quiet.

The problem: I can't seem to find anything with any comprehensive listing of noise levels for different refrigerator models. (There was a Consumer Reports refrigerator survey, but that was only for a limited number of models.) Does anyone know of any resource for this type of information, or anything advice they can pass along? Thanks.  -Ty

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Ty -- Can't help you with any empirical data on refrigerator noise levels, but when we purchased our Samsung French Door refrigerator earlier this year, I actually got up twice in the first two nights to be certain it was running.  MUCH quieter than the Kenmore side-by-side (~8 yrs old) that it replaced.  We love the Samsung for the quiet, for its miserly use of electricity and for the expansiveness and access to both refrigerator and freezer.  Has through the door water and ice.  The ice does make some noise as it falls into the tray -- and, of course, when being dispensed.  FYI & regards,
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A friend has a Kenmore Elite, which has a pretty steady noise that is as loud as my 20 year old Admiral Signature 2000. In addition, it also has several loud "pings" every 15-20 minutes or so, which might necessitate a replacement. And the Kenmore Elite gets the BEST noise rating from the Consumer Report Ratings list! That's discouraging,since I was hoping to replace our old refrigerator for a newer quieter one. Not sure where to go from here, but would like know if anyone has found a really quiet one. Frank
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Do you know the model number of your Refrigerator?  Thank you.  We also need a quiet model.
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Pamela -- We have the Samsung RFG297AAPN.  This is the 28.5 cu.ft. model in "platinum"; the "PN" at the end of the model number refers to the platinum and will differ if you get stainless or white or . . .  We picked platinum because it did not show smudges nearly so much as the stainless -- and because it would hold "refrigerator magnets" on the front.  The sides are the exact same as on the stainless -- and also hold magnets.  FYI.   Still love the refrigerator, its spaciousness and access, its quiet operation and its low electricity use.  Regards,
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don't get a kitchen aid noisy as all get out.
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John --  Are the Kitchen-Aids even noiser than the (CR top-rated) Kenmore side-by-side we replaced?  Actually, when we first got our Samsung last summer, I got up at night TWICE because I couldn't hear it running and thought it had quit.  All was fine, but one has to be really close to it to hear any noise at all.  We've adjusted!  And, no -- we're not thinking of changing refrigerators; very happy with this!  Regards,
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I'm looking to buy a new refrigerator which is freezerless around 15 to 19 cu ft capacity though I might consider a typical refrigerator with freezer if I knew it was especially quiet. I'm considering the Frigidaire FRU17B2JW ($548 at Lowes) or Frigidaire FRU17G4JW ($ 598 at Lowes) which are both freezerless. If anyone has any input on these especially about how quiet they are or aren't please let me know.

I had a Whirlpool top freezer refrigerator that was a bit bigger than I needed but I replaced it with a Hotpoint HTS15 back in the summer of 2001 because it had a good energy rating and I thought I might save a decent amount of money on electricity. I was mistaken. Noticed practically zero difference in electricity expenditure with everything else being kept the same. The Hotpoint I soon realized was noticeably noisier than my old Whirlpool that I had bought used from a private party a few years before. The Whirlpool was quite quiet and I wasn't even thinking about the issue of noise when I bought the Hotpoint but was only thinking about energy efficiency. Don't forget to consider both of these issues when buying.

Interested in quiet freezerless refrigerators or typical refrigerators with freezers if they are especially quiet. Something 15 to 19 cu ft cap.


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I found this web site that has info on quiet refreigerators. There are only 10 listed unfortunately. What is interesting is if you read the reviews some people will say certain refrigerators are quiet and then others will say the very same refrigerator is noisy. I think each refrigerator is an individual so I don't think because some particular refrigerator is good or bad, noisy or quiet or whatever you should necessarily generalize and say that every refrigerator of that model or manufacturer is the same.

When people have problems you usually hear about them because people like to complain. If some model works well you may not hear about it. If a lot of people say that some model is bad the question is how many units of that model are out there and how many of those are working well. Maybe the bad units are a small percentage but there are a large number of the units out there. On the other hand maybe the percentage of bad units is large for some particular make and model and if that 's the case then you obviously want to avoid that make and model.

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Interesting comment and link.  As to "quiet operation" in a refrigerator, you are correct that some think one model is quiet while another finds it noisy.  Unfortunately few if any test facilities measure refrigerator noise scientifically (db noise in a controlled environment); in home installations the noise level varies on where the refrigerator is located (e.g. being situated at the end of a counter allows noise to radiate out the open side whereas being contained between counters traps some of that noise).  Other factors include noise transmission/reflection characteristics of the flooring and even acoustic properties of the kitchen.  FYI.
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Richard you said, " As to "quiet operation" in a refrigerator, you are correct that some think one model is quiet while another finds it noisy."  That's another consideration being the subjective experience of different people but what I was talking about was the possibility that not every model of a particular manufacturer will perform identically. You might have some lemons mixed in with the "average" units for a particular make and model. If someone gets one of those lemons the likelihood that they will write a review about it will be higher than if they got a properly working unit.

Then as you said there are factors like acoustics which you might be able to do something about. I put some carpeting under and around the sides and back of my Hotpoint to try to make it a little more quiet.

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Richard was saying that his Samsung is quiet so I was looking at Samsung at BestBuy. I like the way they have it set up

That shows the Samsung refrigerators being sold by BestBuy. I like that they show how many reviews have been given for each model and the average reviewer rating out of a possible 5 stars. I was noticing that the pricier models tend to have higher average review ratings. Model RF267ABBP which is selling for $ 2,099 got an average reviewer rating of 4.5 stars with 27 reviews. At the other extreme was Model RS2530BWP which is selling for under $ 900 (I think,  not remembering exact amount) with an average reviewer rating of 1.1 stars with 14 reviews. Most of the reviews for Samsung refrigerators though are closer to a 5 than a 1.

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Paul -- I fully agree with you that each of us has differing audio acuity -- and this, together with background noise, may mask to some degree whether we find a particular refrigerator to be "noisy".  Also, you are correct that there will be some variation in noise between "identical units/same model units".  Finally, the surrroundings can also make a difference -- witness your use of carpeting.

So, what are we to do?  The only comparative tests involve laboratory-based tests where one could measure equivalence between brands and models -- and perhaps measure the differences when new and a few years later.  Given the expense of doing this, and the fact that consumers are unlikely to personally contribute to have the tests done, I doubt we will see tests such as these in the near future.  Unfortunately, that leaves us listening mainly to the "complainers" who do not like the way "their purchase" is behaving.  They are venting frustration -- and probably only the manufacturer knows how many complaints they receive, and they are not about to disclose this information.  Further thoughts?

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Although quietness is a concern, my biggest concern is how much ice this Samsung 29 ft. (28.5) makes.  I have heard that it only makes two loads a day.  I really want this large refrigerator and would appreciate any  advice that anyone can give me on this model, the 297.

Thank you,

Judy Secrist

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Would you mind providing a little more information about the kitchen aid refrigerator, as this was the one of the brands that I was considering as I was told by the salesman that it was quiet? 

Thanks in advance