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Discussion: Mattresses > Aireloom
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Does anyone on here happen to have an Aireloom mattress? (A model called the "Natalie", in particular)  Are they really worth their pricetag? Have you experienced any problems with them? And I know it's limited to California (where I live), but has anyone ever had a bad experience buying a mattress from Sit N Sleep?
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Hi, I live in California, too and am looking at Aireloom, too. I haven't found any info on it except what their website says. I really liked it but don't know if it is worth the price tag. If you get any more info on it please let me know. I found the Aireloom I liked at Macy's.
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We bought this mattress a year ago, and already are looking for a new one.  Not as comfortable as you may think, be sure you lay on it in the store for awhile on all sides to be sure that it is a good fit for you.  We wasted our money, a cheaper mattress could have given us the same results.  Also, sagging in areas already and we have a king pillow top that makes turning or flipping very difficult due to weight of mattress, and obvious lack of options. My husband and I both wake up with headaches and our arms tend to go numb in certain positions, so trying different sleeping positions prior to purchase for 5 minutes or more is very important!!!


Good Luck!

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The Aireloom is not worth the price. You can select to something cheaper and get a good nights rest. check out kingsdown

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I did online search and found a ton of Aireloom info - offered by places like Bloomingdales and Macey's.

Looking at the product line at the Aireloom website they all appear to be overpriced and price is no indication of sleep comfort.

Part of their line is innerspring - since almost 40% of all innerspring buyers say they aren't happy with their purchase I would avoid those.

If we were going to buy foam or latex we would spend a lot less and probably buy a latex core from someplace like foambymail and then separately buy a three or four inch topper to create my own combination.

Many people complain that factory sewn in toppers simply don't last long and appear to be poorly made.

Anywho, we added a three inch Visco elastic Cloud9 topper to our wonderful waterbed mattress for a perfect sleep combination (at least to us).

Our unexperienced advice would be to look for a better value.

Best of Luck and Good Sleeping