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Discussion: Mattresses > Hampton Rhodes Mattress Anyone??
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Hi, I am ready to purchase a new mattress, the one we settled on was a SImmons Beautyrest something or other and was about $2000. That was a little too steep for us, so I was looking at some closeouts (Simmons) that were more in our price range.  The manager of the Matress Firm recommended I try a Hampton Rhodes mattress which is some store brand, he said was closer to the $2000 mattress we were looking at than the closeout, but was about the same price as the closeout.

It was very comfortable and seemed well constructed and was equally comfortable to the higher end Simmons.  It has a 10 year warranty and a 100 day buyback guarantee.  Problem is I can't find a lick of information on the mattress and whether is something worth considering.

Can anyone provide some info on the product, or the manufacturer??  Thanks.

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Hi Kenneth, I work for mattress giant, and I know of Hampton Rhodes mattresses, they are made by Corsicana which is a low end bedding maker, but one thing I know is simmons were the original individual coil maker, which is something that I have been a firm believer in, getting something that was the original, when that happens, they have patents and from my expeirience that never works out well. Is there a mattress giant close to
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And also to add to it, we have simmons beautyrest with memory foam pillowtops for $699.hope that helps.
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Hello, Kenneth..

Mattress Firm purchased Mattress Giant. The manufacturer is corsicana from Texas. It's not a Simmons Beautyrest....If you are satisfied that it contours to your body.....Hitting the proper pressure points..your shoulders, hips and legs....

Then you should get it...I think you should go back to that mattress place...You need to lay on a bed for 12-15 qualify a bed....

If its not contouring to your body....and hitting your specific areas...the bed is not for you....People sleep on an avg of 8 hours a night.....

Try to make the right choice..

Regards, Frank

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Last Friday we purchased Simmons Beautyrest Abby Plush Pillowtop from an online mattress store named Dr Snooze. It was really nice deal for us . We got 50 %  discount with this purchase.After using it we feel the comfort that you want, and the support that you need.

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From:- Alex Jones
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Beware... we purchased a $800-900 Altitude Hampton & Rhodes full size bed for our  daughter about 20 months ago from the Mattress Firm.  They delivered it with the wrong box spring and said they'd bring the correct one in a couple of weeks when it was in.   They never did.  Our daughter didn't say anything, so we didn't know and now the mattress is ruined.  Inner supports are gone and the outer walls are buldging and falling apart.   It had a 10 year warrenty, but that only if it has no stains.  Stains void the warrenty (according to the Mattress Firm website).    

Since it costs $25 just to apply for warrenty coverage, we negected to do it since they have their "out" and we didn't want to throw good money after bad.  Never again with Mattress firm.   Found BBB rating of "F" after the fact.


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Bought the Litchfield pillow top mattress by Hampton and Rhodes from Mattress Firm. Hate the mattress hate mattress firm. Mattress started to sag in less than a year. Mattress firms wants a $75 inspection fee to see if they will honor warranty then there is another delivery fee. Delivery the first time was a nightmare. They did not deliver the mattress the first night like they were supposed to then they blamed us. We stayed up to 11pm waiting. They finally delivered it the last night close to midnight. I'm so displeased with them I really don't want to pay over $100 to have it replaced, I think I'd rather just buy another mattress some place else and bring it home myself!