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Discussion: Archives > Security Ads On TV
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I have seen TV ads for and Are these legit? Are they safe? Has anyone had problems with these systems? Other recommendations? Any responses will be most helpful. Thanks and have a great day.
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Both of these products are legitimate though PC Matic seems to be a better product.  These are both examples of what are called "tune-up software".  Over the years there have been a number of these on the market.  I've tried several myself.  In general, they don't do anything that you either can't already do with built-in Windows tools or with free software.  The main features they promote to speed up your computer are usually defragmentation and registry cleaning.  There is some question whether doing either of these will have an appreciable performance impact on a home computer.  They also usually include antivirus software and/or antimalware software.  Usually, these are not the best of breed.

In general, I have found that such tools are not worth the price and don't make that much of an overall difference.  You're better either going with good free tools or buying best-of-breed products in specific categories.



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Thank you have been most helpful.


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Exactly as I had assumed. There are so many products advertised that do absolutely nothing or help your PC minimally. Unfortunately, anyone or any company can run advertisements that cannot be verified. Caveat Emptor.
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Beware of t.v. adv. for security software.

I got Cyberdefender (something like my clean pc or max my computer on t.v.) and they are involved in a classaction lawsuit for misleading advertising.