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Discussion: Central air, furnaces, fireplaces... > residential heat pump units
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Whole house heating and cooling: 

I am replacing my residential heat pump units.  Looking for information on comparing residential heat pump systems.  Have estimates on Trane and Kenmore (sears) heat pump units for my home.  Reliability of Kenmore?  Was unaware that Kenmore (Sears) manufactured and installed heat pump units.  Like the service that Sears provides but are the Kenmore heat pumps up to snuff?  Thanks

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James ...

Pls do recall that the now "Sears/K-Mart!" does not begin to compare to the  "Sears, Roebuck & Co."  of our past!!

Never expend those sorts of monies there, in my view.

Stick with the Majors ... Trane, Rheem, Ruud, York(now Johnson Controls) Carrier, etc..  everett ... link =

How did the Manual J evaluation turn out .. or has it not been done yet?.. and, if 'no', those aren't really  Proposals at all -  rather, a 'copying' of what you now have.
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