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Discussion: Washers > HELP! Whirlpool/Maytag MTW/WTW 5800
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Thanks a lot for the prompt reply and info on the two models.  One of your earlier posts caught my attention and I looked up the WTW57ES.  On the surface it looks like it has more features and flexibility.  We live in the country so cost of water is not a concern, but saving water and electric is more green, so this model is appealing

I just looked up the MVWC500VW.  I've been bouncing back and forth between manufacturer's web sites trying to compare it to the WTW57ES and figure out the differences, and which might be a better washer.  Per CR's repair history, Whirlpool has a slightly lower repair history.  Is the Whirlpool WTW57ES more washer for the money?

Thanks again for the valuable information.


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The WTW57ES is an energy star top load washer that uses an average of 26 gallons of water.  The Maytag will use about 40 gallons of water per wash.  The Whirlpool model will save you more water and energy in the long run and is not that much more expensive.  The WTW57ES is a great washer for the price.  The repair history for the Maytags on CR's repair history page is still going to be higher because a lot of those reports for repairs are going back to the old Maytag companies not so good products during that time period.  They are both good washers though.  Hope that helps. 

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Thanks Nick for the great information. I was looking at both models today on the CR site and your thoughts were very helpful.
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No problem, good luck!
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Just wanted to report that I did purchase the Whirlpool WTW5300VW and I love it.  I have had it for over a month now and it's great.  We live on upper floor with neighbors a floor below, but no complaints about noise or vibration.

It is loud when it's running, but for just under $500 out the door from Sears, I can put up with that.  I looked at washers that were reported to be quieter, but that put me into at least a couple hundred dollar higher price range.  Just couldn't swing it.
And, I heard that front loaders get clothes cleaner.  But, I grew up with top loader and have used them my whole life and nobody has ever said my clothes don't seem clean.

Furthermore, I worried about energy and water usage.  My electric bill has not gone up and it has several load size settings so no need to waste water.

I researched and shopped for a long time before purchase.  Perhaps my notes will help others. 
Best regards.
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I purchased a Whirlpool WTW57ES washer in January 2010 and have experienced a loud banging noise from the first time I used it while the washer is washing.  The noise is regular and occurs about 2 times a second.  I called repair and they showed up and said the noise was normal for this washer.  I am very unhappy with this noise since it can be heard in other rooms of the house.  Is this normal or am I just getting the brush off from the repair company?
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Hey Tom,

We have sold over 100 of these units in the last year or so and I have not heard of that model making a noise like your saying.  I would call a different service company out there to look at it.  I would also try to have the machine running while they are there so that they can tell what noise you are talking about.  Hope that works.