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Discussion: Archives > how to find recommended tires?
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I have had a tough time finding recommeded tires from CR.  For example, the Yokohama Avid TRZ -- I have found other Yokohamas, e.g. Avid T4 S308, but these are not rated/recommended.  This is a recurring frustration trying to use the CR recs for tires, unlike other products they review.  Suggestions?

Thank you.

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Shamil, where in the country do you live, and what retailers are you trying?  The Yokohama Avid TRZ should be available anywhere Yokohamas are sold.  They may have to order the tire, but it should at least be available to you.

Merchant's Tire, for example, normally keeps this tire in stock, and there are a lot of Merchant Tire stores all across the eastern United States.  It may vary where you are, though.  If you can let us know where you are, we may be able to provide some suggestions for you.

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Thanks for the reply.  Since I posted I made several phone calls.  To make a long story short, I have arranged for Discount Tire to order the Avid TRZ from Yokohama.  The salesperson initially tried to charge me extra for shipping since they had to special order the tires, but after a discussion he is covering the shipping from Yokohama and I should get the tires on sometime within the week.

Thanks again.