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Comments:  Medical Alert Ratings?
From: GREGORY_MYLES3/17/08 8:40 AM132.1
To: All (1 of 2)  

I've been searching CR, in vain, for any ratings or reviews of the various Medical Alert systems available on the market today.  My elderly father has had a couple bad falls at his home; the most recent one was just last weekend and he lay on the floor alone for nearly 45 minutes until a neighbor happened by and called the Paramedics.   If he'd had one of those Medical Alert systems and buttons, it's possible he could have summoned help immediately.

To help our family decide on a Medical Alert system and service, I decided to check out one we've seen advertised on TV.  My internet research turned up an entire website devoted to cataloging numerous (over 50) complaints about the predatory nature of that company's sales staff and the contract conditions. 

So I decided to come over to Consumer Reports; even signed up for the additional cost of a year's subscription to Consumer Health - and thus far my searches haven't turned up any mention of any ratings or reviews.  I can't even find any Forums in Consumer Health, for that matter.   I find that odd - perhaps I'm not searching correctly. Might there be something in the archives?

Any info/assistance would be greatly appreciated.


From: Oscar_Montalvo3/26/08 5:46 PM132.2 in reply to 132.1
To: GREGORY_MYLES (2 of 2)  

Hello Gregory,

Let me offer some web sites that may help you they are; www.mercola.com number #1 information health site in the world that may review or make recommendation on "medical alerts" also you can check www.angieslist.com  it is a web site of local services reviewed by the customer it may be regional or national I am not sure I just got this web site yesterday as I was watching the news. Hope this information helps.

PS: Forgot to mention that the website www.angieslist.com have included or will be including reviews and ratings on medical services,dentist,pharmaceuticals, and hospitals. 

Edited 3/26/08   by  Oscar_Montalvo

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