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Discussion: Mattresses > Memory Foam Question
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I agree with the comments that find the CR report on mattresses less than helpful - good background info, but not a single "best buy" recommendation that I was looking for. Misleading advertising, actually, on CR's part. And like others who have posted comments, I subscribed just to get some good, brand specific info that I can take with me into stores.

I am considering a memory foam mattress made by Jeffco Fibres in Webster, MA. It's being sold at Ocean State Job Lot for $450 for a full, $680 for a queen. Does anyone have any experience with this brand or any other memory foam brands other than Tempurpedic?


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No, I do not have any experience with the company mentioned. However, I am looking in to purchasing a memory foam mattress. Have looked at Tempur-Pedic and found that they control their prices and found them the same where ever I went and frightfully expensive. On the internet however I found a company by the name of Angel , they claim that their product is equal to Tempur-Pedic at a substantially lower price. Furthermore, they have a ninety day return policy. Mattresses are send UPS and drop shipped to your door. Also, there is no sales tax with the exception for Texas. Hope this helps you.



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Anyone you know ever dealt with the Bob-O-Pedic stores? Claims he can knock off $1000 for the same as Tempurpedic.


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I bought the 11" Memory Foam Euro Pillow Top Mattress sold by Ocean State Job Lot for $1000 (Queen) a few weeks ago. It is also made by Jeffco Fibres. So far, me and my wife love it. With my old mattress I used to wake up with slight back pain. I seem to sleep better with the memory foam. I've looked around and these sell for $2000-$3000 online and the Tempurpedics can cost even more. I figured with a 30 day money back guarantee it would be worth the try. Looks like we'll be keeping it. I think I'm going to pick up some memory foam pillows from them too.

I agree that the CR report wasn't very helpful. I guess there are just too many choices and you need to try them out. Unfortunately it can be hard to tell if you're getting a good deal.

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Lots of companies sell memory foam and you can even buy a simple, separate foam topper for any mattress that can range between 1-4" inches thick. Same thing for pillows.
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And most of them are absolute junk
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